Best Solution: AOL Server Down Issues And The Ways To Fix It

Are you facing server down issues in AOL mail? AOL is a free email service, which can be accessed by registered users on devices like desktop or mobile phones. This AOL server down issue is happening a lot recently, while the users try to open it on various devices. It is causing plenty of trouble for the people associated with AOL mail. Welcome to this page if you are also dealing with an identical situation. Besides knowing about the solutions to fix the AOL mail server down issue, you will also learn about the reasons behind the occurrence of it. 

Is AOL Mail Server Down & Why AOL mail is showing server down?

First of all, you must learn about the cause behind the occurrence of server down issue on AOL mail. A list describing few reasons behind AOL Server Down issues is given below.

  •       Web browser you are using to access AOL mail is not much compatible
  •       Internet connection is not proper
  •       AOL mail version is not updated
  •       Device you are using AOL mail on is not up to date
  •       Temporary saved files are preventing AOL server proper functioning
  •       Active antivirus on device is causing server down issue of AOL mail

What are the ways to fix AOL mail server down issues?

Now you must be wondering about Is AOL Mail Server Down? In such a case, follow the techniques given below, which can help to fix the AOL mail server down issues favorably.

Restart device:

  •       The foremost thing you need to do while AOL mail shows server down issue is that turn off whichever device you are using it on
  •       Once the device is switched off, restart it again and wait until it opens properly
  •       Then again try to open AOL mail and try to access your account to check whether server down issue is resolved or not

Check internet:

  •       AOL mail always need a proper internet connection for proper functioning
  •       You need to check your internet connection first, or try using other network solve AOL mail server down issue

Remove local DNS:

  •       Open the start menu of your device first
  •       Then begin Command Prompt and type the IP address of AOL mail
  •       Tap enter button and then refresh the website

Delete temporary cookies and cache:

  •       Open the web browser you are using to access AOL mail
  •       Open settings of the web browser and navigate towards advanced settings
  •       Go to clear cache files and tick mark the preferred boxes for deletion
  •       Choose time limit and then press clear browsing history button

Use another browser:

  •       In some cases AOL mail server is down due to the reason that it is not compatible with the browser you are using
  •       To check for this reason try opening AOL mail on other browser and you will know
  •       Always try using AOL mail on the most compatible browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. to avoid the server down issues.

Update browser:

  •       You need to update your browser in a situation you are using a compatible one to AOL mail, but still its showing server down issue
  •       First of all download the latest updates for your browser from its official website
  •       Then update the browser and try opening AOL mail
  •       Thus, by following the above -discussed techniques, you can probably fix the AOL mail server down issues.

In case you are still facing the server down issue in AOL mail, take professional guidance from the technical support team of AOL. You are always suggested to ask for technical assistance from AOL, whenever incompetent to fix the complex issues of AOL mail by yourself.

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