Juno is an emailing service that is provided by American base company called as United online and this service could be accessed on the web or through any mobile apps on ios or the android phone.It is free of cost service, and one should opt for this because it provides reliable internet service as well as the access to the numbers worldwide.

Juno -Free Mailing Service

Juno emailing service has got various features like it has mail storage address book and the customization of the account.sometimes it happens that we get into some troubles and we have to contact the technical team of junior. Juno team is so much concerned about their user and hence they are always in a process to provide the best team for the customer support purpose to their users.

So in order to use this free emailing service, first we have to create an account on Juno for which we have to follow a simple step by step process:-

    • First of all we need to open the app drawer of our android phone then we need to search for the mail icon, once we find it then we have to click on it
    • Then we have to select our service provider i.e we can either go for IMAP or POP3, if we already have one account then we need to go for MENU button and then to the option saying MORE, then move to the new account.
    • Password- then we have to type the Juno email password that we want to put, then tap next.
    • The time is to set the pop server to pop.juno.com, then we have to change the server port to 995
    • Then we have to select the security type to SSL, after doing so just press next
    • Then we have to set the SMTP server to smtpjuno.com then change the server port to 465 and then press next after setting the security type.

Juno Customer Service Number For Help

Juno also has certain servers which are efficient at automatically scanning the emails for various purposes like you can even mark some of your emails as spam or you can even put filters for some specific types of emails.And after performing the specified things if a person faces any sort of problem like any technical error then he can simply contact Juno team at Juno customer support help.Nowadays because of the continuous cyber threats, IT companies are focussing more on to the safety issues, Juno has also improved its privacy and security policy like now it has also attached your phone number with the account you have created.

Juno Help Center

If any technical issues like forgetting password have occurred then you can simply recover your password by firstly linking another account to your Juno account and then the new password of your choice would be sent to your registered account.If any other technical errors are there then you have to simply contact the technical person from the team of junior, for doing so you should first find out the Juno customer service and then you can send your problem either by emails or messages or even by a call.

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