Resolve Your Issue Of Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Ever since technology has advanced, people are dependent upon various technological inventions. And laptops are considered to be one of the latest, convenient and useful inventions for the users. As it made it possible for the users to manage their work even on the go. These electronic machines are such that it works just like desktops but unlike them, it can be carried and taken along. 

Laptops are lightweight and have made users work easily manageable. Also with lots of competition in the market, various companies have introduced laptops with different functions and features. Some of the known companies are Dell, Acer, Vaio, Sony, Samsung, etc. And choosing any convenient laptop according to the needs and requirement depends upon your requirements. 


Features and Benefits of Having Dell Laptops! 


But, if you are a Dell laptop holder then you shall be relaxed. These laptops are known for its performance, sleek designs, lightweight and many other options which benefits users. And they also have received quite a good amount of feedback for its outstanding performance, commendable battery backup which is a user’s priority and special designs. Along with it, Dell laptops also have 24/7 active customer support which is present to help the users in need. But, this does not mean that these laptops never face issues. It is quite normal if a user is facing some issues with Dell Laptops. Let us look into some of the most common issues and also help you resolve it. 


Common Issues Faced by Users with Dell Laptops! 


  1. Laptop not charging properly. 
  2. Laptop not shutting down. 
  3. The screen of the laptop is not getting bright and has turned dull. 
  4. Users may also face Dell laptop touchpad not working issue sometimes.


And there can be many other issues which can cause problems in working with your Dell laptop. But, to our wonder, the most common searches that we can see is for the users who are facing touchpad issues. So, if you are also such a user and looking for the same resolution then you can follow the troubleshooting ways mentioned below. 


How To Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working?


  1. Revive Your Dead Touchpad: As your laptop is not supporting touchpad hence you can connect with it with the mouse. And now you can go to settings and select “Devices” option to find “Mouses and Touchpad” option. Find the option of “Dell Touchpad” and tap “Enable” option. 
  2. Another way to know how to fix Dell laptop touchpad not working issue is by unlocking the touchpad. It might happen that sometimes due to a mistake, touchpad gets locked and to unlock it you need to tap on Fn key + F7. And this will unlock your touchpad. 
  3. Now if this did not work then you need to look into the version of touchpad you are using. If you find it to be older version then you can update it to the latest one and check if the issue resolved or not. 
  4. You can even scan your laptop with any antivirus application. And in case you found some virus then combat it with the application to get rid of the issue. 
  5. If this did not work then you can now reboot your laptop. Restart your laptop by long-pressing the turn off button for few seconds and check if the issue is resolved or not. 


So, trying all the above steps may lead you to fix your touchpad issue. These troubleshooting ways are such that you can resolve your issues without hassle. But in case your issue is still not resolved then you are welcomed to contact Dell customer service.


Contacting Dell Customer Service! 

The users who are still facing the same issue and unable to resolve then you can contact the customer support of Dell. This customer support is 24/7 active and customer representatives will be delightfully helping with your issues. 

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