How to Fix Disney Plus Not Showing In Hotstar

There was a time when people were addicted to the TV and most of us would be glued on the screen to watch our favorite TV shows. Tables have turned now and with the internet has become an inevitable part of our lives, the attention has shifted to the online screen than the TV screen. More than the TV, people have started watching online series streaming on digital platforms. Seeing the craziness for online series, a lot of online platforms have come into existence that provides a common platform for all these shows.


Hotstar and the online shows 


One such prominent digital platform launched recently is Hotstar in India. Hotstar is an online venture of Star group that initially took up the broadcast of IPL Matches but now they also broadcast online series and movies. 


Disney shows on Hotstar 


As of now, Hotstar has been taken over by Disney and a lot of shows produced under Walt Disney are also broadcaster on Hotstar. Though sometimes a lot of subscribers come across the issue of Disney plus not showing in Hotstar. If you face a similar issue then all you have to do is fix it with the help of some quick steps. To find out how to scroll below. 


Ways To Fix The Issue Of Disney Not Running On Hotstar


1.check your internet connectivity


While running an online app, a lot of us ignore or maybe end up forgetting to check on the internet. For the smooth functioning of all these apps, we all need strong internet connectivity. Hence if the application stops working all of a sudden, then go and check the internet first. 


2. Try to reboot the device 


If you are not able to fix the application of the device then try to close the device first. If you have been working on the device for a long time then switch it off and re-start again. This way if any of the applications such as Hotstar will start working again. 


3.Uninstall and add the app again 


If it is not the device but the application which is not working then clear all the cache files first from the history section. Now remove the application and now re-install with the updated version. This way the disabled application will start working again. 


4.Cross-check if you recharged the subscription 


Sometimes everything is working fine but still, the application is not responding. And Hotstar is a paid subscription channel that will only run if you have paid for its subscription. Hence make sure your subscription is still working. 


5. Contact the customer care team of Hotstar 


You have tried every possible method from above to fix Disney shows to run on Hotstar but it is still not working. In this case, the issue might be a little serious which can not be fixed with the help of troubleshooting steps. And you need to contact the customer care team of the Hotstar. They will try fixing the application error. And for reaching them out, contact via call or mail.

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