A Quick Guide For Excel Password Recovery & Excel Password Reset

Microsoft Excel, a tool for data keeping, many of the users use it without password protection and few people may use password encryption for safe keeping of their files and documents. Password protection helps to prevent changes and mistakenly deletion. If you lose the access of your Excel file password, you won't be able to open it anymore. However using the solutions mentioned below may help you to recover forgotten password or Excel Password Reset


Make Use Of Passfab For Excel Password Recovery


PassFab for Excel is one of the renowned tool to fix forgotten open and restriction password for Excel file issues, this solution works for almost all types of Microsoft Excel files. This way you can unlock all the Excel passwords in a easy manner. It is useful for both the workbooks and spreadsheets and help you to crack the password. Let’s move down the street further to see the process to recover password for Excel file.

· First, you need to download, install and open this Excel password recovery program.
· Next, select “ Recover Excel open password”.
· Now you will be displayed a interface, and Tap “+” to import excel spread sheet for which you want to recover password.
· Select the attack type from the list of Brute force, mask & Dictionary and set the parameters accordingly.
· Following above, click on recover button which helps you Initiate the excel password recovery mode which will take time of password length and complexity.
· You will get back the password, once your attack gets complete and the window will prompt you the password.

How To Ro Excel Password Reset?


Well, there are numerous method by which you can reset Excel password easily, here presenting you all the possible ways of resetting of password. Carefully read these process one by one.

Solution1:- Reset Excel password when you remember it


· First, you need to browse for the Locked /password protected excel doc on the system and open it now.
· Following above, Click on ‘file’.
· Click on the ‘Protect workbook’ tab from the list.
· Next, Click ‘Encrypt with password” and now delete the password.
· Click the OK button to confirm and save all the changes.
· At last, Hit the workbook again and tap “Encrypt password” and reset it to new password.

Solution2:- Reset Excel password when you forgot it


Make use of ZIP software


· As in the process the format should be like a .xlsx format, first save your .xls file in the .xlsx format.
· Now, the Excel workbook again required to be saved with .zip extension.
· Following above, now Click ‘Yes’ if you are being prompted. It is recommended to take a backup of workbook data.
· Next, right click on .zip extension file and extract the data.
· Now look for the target sheet having a .xml extension.
· Following, search for the’ sheet password protection’ within .xml file
· Now delete the ‘sheet password protection tag’
· Save and close the file.
· Further, you see a message of old .xml file with one you have edited in ZIP archives.
· Once you close the ZIP file, now rename it to .xlsx from .zip which will remove the existing password from excel and unlock it.
· In the last step, set a new password for the Excel file and save all the changes made to the account.


Beside, above all the information on Excel Password Recovery, if you look to know further in-details, you can call directly on their helpline number to get the immediate feedback or assistance. Aside, you can ask your friends, colleagues or others to help you in resolving the issue related to Excel.

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