Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

It happens to the apple users that when they update their phone or restart it then it get stuck on the apple logo. This causes issue to the users as they won’t be able to access their device. For getting the solution for this issue, users need to call the apple technical support phone number and get connected with the experts who will provide the assured solution to the users for their issue.

Users Need To Follow The Given Steps To Get The Issue Of Apple Logo Stuck Solved

  1. Connect your phone to computer through USB cable
  2. Put your iPhone in DFU mode
  3. To do this, press and hold home and power button for 10 seconds
  4. Release the power button and keep on pressing home button
  5. Itunes will pop up saying it detects a device in DFU mode
  6. Restore your device

Contact Apple Help Desk For Technical Support

These steps will help the users to restore their device and get out of the frustrating apple logo get stuck on the screen. If there happens that the apple logo got stuck on the phone and users need to keep the backup of the data before restoring it then users can also get some tools like tenor share Reboot on their device which will help the users to keep the backup of their device along with restore to avoid the appearance of stuck apple logo. Users can also make a call on the apple customer support phone number where they will get to interact with the experts who will provide the solution to the experts for their issues.

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