Steps to Fix Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Scan Failed Issue

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

Norton bootable recovery is a very useful tool for a scan and holds your operating system on low-level boot while it gets rid of threats. Norton bootable recovery gives you best protection and removes the stubborn malware programs and viruses.

Norton Bootable recovery tool designed to provide complete protection to your computer.

Before system becomes infected you can easily create customized rescue media in CD, DVD or USB storage device with the help of Norton Bootable Recovery tool.

  1. Norton Bootable Recovery tool is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface.
  2. Norton bootable recovery tool can automatically update its virus definition database.
  3. This recovery tool is a very beneficial tool that can provide actionable scan results.

How to Use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool-

It is a simple and easy way to use Norton bootable recovery tool and prevent the device from viruses. User needs to follow these steps listed below to use the Norton bootable recovery tool-

  1. First user needs to insert the Norton bootable recovery tool media in his system and restart the computer.
  2. Then enter the BIOS mode, and select the media.
  3. Click on the “enter”
  4. User needs to read the Norton license agreement carefully and key-in his product key, then click on the “ I agree” option.
  5. Then user needs to click on the “Norton advanced recovery scan” and start the scan.
  6. When the scan is completed, user will get the options either fix the error or ignore the results and or run another scan.

Methods to Fox Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Scan Failed Issue-

In case, user gets a Norton bootable recovery tool scan failed, then a user has to fix the error to run the scan again. The user can try these methods listed below to fix the Norton recovery tool-

  1. User can use the Windows recovery media such as flash drive and ISO disc to repair the Norton bootable recovery tool and fix the failed scan.
  2. User also needs to check the BIOS settings and make sure he has a boot set for EUFI or legacy.
  3. User needs to update the latest version of Norton bootable recovery tool and run it on Linux.
  4. When a user facing the scan failed issue, he can use the “Bootrec” to fix the issue.

If user can’t fix the scan failed issue then he can get help from the Norton support. User can contact the Norton tech support team via phone number and talk to them regarding the scan failed. The support team will provide the instant solution to fix the issue so user can run the Norton bootable recovery tool easily and without any interruption.


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