What To Do If Flash Player Not Working?

Adobe Flash Player is a software used for creating and viewing multimedia content on the platform of Adobe. Mostly it is used as a browser plug-in and is compatible with all the devices. Although it is widely used, a lot of users have reported the issue in which Flash Player is not working. 

If Flash Player is not working, you cannot play animations, games and videos on a browser. This could be frustrating but it can be easily resolved with the help of this post.


Why is Flash Player Not Supported ?


Sometimes the Flash Player stops working as it is disabled in the computer or browser. It might be possible that a website has blocked Flash Player. In some cases, graphic card issues are the cause.


Fix To Resolve The Issue:


If you are trying to resolve the issue of Flash Player Not Working, you can try out the fixes listed below:

  1. Ensure the Flash Player is enabled in the browser
  2. Ensure to allow Flash player on all the websites
  3. Update the browser and Flash Player also
  4. Update drivers of graphic cards
  5. Reinstall the plugin of Flash Player
  6. Clear the cache, cookies and history from the browser.


Here are the steps involved in the fixes:


  • Fix1 - If you are facing the Flash issue in the browser, then firstly ensure that the plugin is enabled in the browser, as mentioned below:


    1. Go to the browser settings, then Advanced and then click Content Settings.
    2. Click the Flash option.
    3. Then, ensure that the option of Ask First is toggled ON.
    4. Further, ensure that no website has blocked Flash. If it is, remove it from the list.


  • Fix2 - It might be possible that the current website has blocked the Flash Player. So, you need to allow Flash Player running on the website.


    1. Open the website in which the issue is faced.
    2. Click the option to view the site information and then click the option of Site Settings.
    3. Scroll down and find the Flash option in the list and then select the Allow option.


  • Fix3 - If the browser or Flash Player is outdated, it won’t work properly, causing the issue. You can check for updates to keep them updated. For updating Flash, follow the steps:


    1. Browse the components URL in the browser and press Enter.
    2. A list of all the computer components will be there on the screen and you can check for Adobe Flash Player updates.
    3. If any update is there, get the latest version.


  • Fix4 - If any graphic card is outdated, it causes the issue with the Flash Player. It can be updated either manually or automatically. 


  • Fix5 - you can resolve the issue by reinstalling Flash Player on the browser. The steps are:


    1. Open the browser and go to the official page of Adobe.
    2. Select the system requirements.
    3. Then click Download Now.
    4. Finally double click the file and install it on the computer.


  • Fix6 - By clearing the browser cache, the issue might get resolved. Steps are:


    1. Go to browser settings, Advanced and then clear browsing data.
    2. Select the options as per requirements and click clear data.
    3. Restart the browser and check if the Flash Player is now working.


If the issue is still not resolved or you are facing the issue of Flash Player Not Supported, contact the support team. The contact details to reach Adobe technical team is available on Adobe’s official website.


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