Get solution for iPhone Overheating after i-OS 11 Update?

Get Solution for iPhone Overheating After i-OS 11 Update

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iPhones have completely revolutionized the lives of the people all over the world.The users may face certain issues while using their iPhones.Some of the common issues that the users might face is that their iPhones gets overheated after i-OS 11 update.This may happen due to a number of apps in the iPhone or the users might have downloaded high quality games in their iPhones.

How To Get rid of iPhone Overheating After i-OS 11 Update

  • The users of iPhone might be facing certain issues like iPhone getting overheated after i-OS 11 update.For getting this issue resolved,the users may follow the below given steps.In case the users face any issue, then the users may contact iPhone Customer Service for assistance.
  • The users may delete the apps that the users often do not use.In case there are apps that the users do not use,then the users may get rid of these apps as these apps running in the background is one of the reason for the over-heating of iPhones.
  • The users need to check the battery usage of the iPhones.For this the user needs to go to the settings option, then to battery,until the device is ready to run the apps.The users may check how much battery that their apps are using by clicking on the clock icon that provides all the details of the apps that are running in their iPhone.Lastly the users may delete the apps after finding the apps status this may prevent iPhone overheating.
  • The users are advised to stop using their iPhone while they are getting charged.The users must give time to their devices to get nourished .    
  • The users of iPhones need to turn off their personal hotspot and bluetooth.For this the users needs to go to the settings option.From there the user needs to go to ‘personal hotspot’ and then the users may toggle off the switch to disable it.
  • The users need to reset all the settings.

Listed above are the ways by which the users get the answers to “How do I get iPhone assistance help”.


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