How Can I Change Language In Opera Mini

If you have reached this article, then it's a guarantee that you would be definitely using the Opera Mini browser. Many times, it happens that the users of this browser want to change the language of this browser, sometimes, because of the interest, while sometimes, for simply performing an experiment. However, we, the customer care executives of the opera mini technical support want to tell you that whenever you will install the Opera Mini browser on your device, then the international version of this browser comes in a variety of languages, which are already pre-installed in this browser. Moreover, if sometimes, you are not able to see any language in your browser, then you can also add it manually. In this article, we will look at the efficient steps for changing the language in this browser. All the steps, which are mentioned below should be followed sincerely because they are recommended by the opera mini customer support.

Get Ready To Change The Language Of Your Opera Mini Browser With Simple Steps

    1. So, the first and foremost step is to launch the OPERA MINI BROWSER application on your device.
    2. Here we will show you how you can change the language by following some simple steps in the browser.
    3. After that, you have to click on the SETTINGS option located on the top corner.
    4. Next, you have to click on the PREFERENCES option.
    5. Then, you have to click on the GENERAL option given in the right panel.
    6. The next step is to go to the LANGUAGE section.
    7. In that section, you will see a drop-down list. After clicking on that list, you will see a variety of languages.
    8. Now, you can select any of those languages from the list, which you want to save.
    9. Then, it's the time to manage all the language selections in your browser. You can do this by clicking on the DETAILS option.
    10. You can either click one of the two buttons MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN if you want to set the order of your language preferences.
    11. Select the language, which you want to currently setup as the language of your browser and then, you have to click on the MOVE UP button until the language selected by you comes on top of the list.
    12. After that, it's the time to click on the OK button and you will see that the elements of the Opera Mini browser have been changed to the language of your choice.
    13. You can also change the web pages, which you will browse in this browser to appear in your favorite selected language.
    14. Moreover, all the users are also given an option for changing your language manually. However, this manual option is provided to only the Windows and Linux versions of the Opera Mini browser.
    15. So, to do this, you have to install the language file manually on your device and then, you have to go to the list of the Language file in the Opera Mini browser.
    16. Then, after following the steps 3-5 of this procedure, you have to upload the language file and you are done.

Opera Mini Help Center

Now, if still, you encounter any kind of problem while changing the language file, then the opera mini customer service is considered as the best way to sort out all your problems.

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