Google Maps Voice Navigation Not Working

If the jack of all trades could be applied in real life, the Google browser would be its best example. Ever since people started accessing the internet other than their computers and laptops, Google has launched so many other online features exclusively made for mobile phones. And one of these applications that we use mostly in our daily lives is Google maps. 

Google Maps and Digital Platform

Google maps are one of the most used applications of Google browser. Whether you are in a new city or a town on vacation or forget the way to any street, Google maps are used by all of us to navigate new directions. And you can even use the voice feature of Google Maps with which you will be guided with the directions. 

Issues with the Google map voice feature

Many times we notice the speaker in the Google map app not working. Whenever you want to navigate with the Google voice map, you have to tap on the speaker but a lot of times it does not respond. And the reason behind the Google Maps Voice Navigation Not Working could be because of the technical and online both. For detailed reasons, check the below points. 

Reasons behind Google map not working

1. Google Maps will only work if you have a decent internet connection. In case you are out in an area, where the internet connection is weak or no network then your Google map won't work. And so does the Google voice feature. 

2. Google Maps is an android feature that needs a continuous update for working smoothly. If your app has become quite outdated, few of its features won't work properly such as the voice feature. 

3. If the volume and speaker settings of your device is not set accordingly, even then the voice is not audible. 

4. The Speaker of your phone damaged because of falling down or broken phone is also a reason for the issue. 

Methods to fix the Google map voice navigation 

1. First of all, check the internet connectivity of your phone if its working fine or not. A lot of times while being out, internet connection is slow in a lot of places. Hence try to get a strong internet connection. 

2. In case the internet is working fine but you are not able to hear the voice then check the volume settings of your phone. A lot of times we decrease the volume of the phone and then cant hear the speaker navigating the directions. 

3. Always following the directions on the map, dont forget to unmute the voice icon. We often end up switching on the speaker and wonder Google voice is not navigating the directions. 

4. Next if you receive the notification of updating your device and applications then always try to update from time to time. Without updating the Google map, you wont be able to use it. 

5. If you are driving and have connected your phone with the Bluetooth device then make sure to turn on the 'play voice' feature on your ear device. Or else you wont be able to hear the Google voice navigation directions. 

6. Despite the above steps, if the voice icon still does not work then close the app. You can reboot your phone, re-open the app and again try navigating the location. 

7. If you use Google map quite frequently then keep clearing the cache files from time to time. Doing this, your app will remain cookies free and would take no time to respond. 

8. And also dont forget to upgrade the operating system of your device so that you can use the apps without hindrance. 

And you are done! Following the above steps will fix the issue of Google Maps Not Working. For more information, kindly contact the customer care team of the Google.

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