How to access gmail with outlook using IMAP

Are you aware that Gmail works pretty well with Outlook? Well, connecting your Gmail account with the Outlook is advantageous in many ways, among which the most important is that it improves the capability to manage emails. Hence, you have to change some of the Gmail settings for accessing it on Outlook efficiently. However, to use Gmail services on the Outlook platform you must configure both the Outlook as well as Gmail with each other. Configuration of the Gmail server on the Outlook later allows the successful access of email services via that platform. But at first, you require to configure Gmail on the Outlook by facilitating IMAP protocol on it. Therefore, the complete procedure to allowing Gmail access with Outlook using IMAP is as explained below.


How to configure IMAP protocol for Gmail?


If you are wondering about how to access Gmail with Outlook using IMAP, then you are in right place for receiving the details. At first you need to enable the IMAP for Gmail before proceeding towards configuration on Outlook. Hence, the steps for the IMAP configuration on Gmail are as enlisted below:


  •       Go to the Gmail login page and enter your details
  •       Tap login button to reach your Gmail home page
  •       Now open the settings by tapping on the gear icon
  •       Then move to forwarding and POP/IMAP settings
  •       Next tap on enable IMAP and then hit save button


How to configure your Gmail account on Outlook?


Once you enable the IMAP settings in your Gmail account successfully, after that the next task you have to perform is for its configuration on Outlook. When you configure the Gmail on Outlook, you can effectively access its email service on this platform. Therefore the steps to configure Gmail access on Outlook are as instructed below:


  •       Open Outlook in your device and select file option
  •       Then move to the account settings from the file tab
  •       Next tap new on the pop up box and select email account tab
  •       Hit next button and then select manual set up tab
  •       Then again tap next and select the POP or IMAP
  •       Press next and then select add account page tab
  •       Now enter a name you wish to display on account
  •       Next enter your Gmail ID in the email address field
  •       Then select IMAP in place of the account type
  •       Type on incoming mail server field
  •       Type on outgoing mail server field
  •       After filling IMAP details move to more settings tab
  •       Then go to Outgoing server field and choose to provide authentication for SMTP
  •       Next, tick mark on the use same settings as Incoming mail server box
  •       Then move to the advanced section to provide more details
  •       Now select 993 as the Incoming mail server protocol
  •       Next move to the encrypted connection box and choose SSL type
  •       Then enter 465 as the Outgoing mail server protocol
  •       Again choose SSL as the encrypted server type for the Outgoing mail server
  •       Then tap on the OK button to exit the more settings box
  •       Tap next button and take Outlook connection test
  •       Once the connectivity test is finishes successfully, again tap close button and then finish


Hence, in this manner as described above a Gmail user can successfully do the configuration for accessing its email service on the Outlook platform, that provide more storage space and many other benefits too. However, if you failed to set up Gmail account settings on the Outlook platform through IMAP protocol, get further assistance from a technical expert. Connecting to the Gmail customer service department allow the access to get help from a professional towards the efficient configuration of the email settings on Outlook using IMAP.

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