How To Block IP Addresses in WordPress?

Procedures for Block IP addresses in WordPress :

WordPress is the most renowned CMS having more than 22% sites managed by it.It helps managing so many things which helps you grow your websites.After learning about WordPress, a big task is to keep your website safe and secure. If your website is down due to an unexpected cyber attack, the situation may appear to be very harmful, especially if your website runs your home.Once you find the root cause, you can fix the issues quickly.

The biggest threat to a website are hackers.Finding their IP addresses and banning them from your site would be the best you can.You should know that blocking an IP address is a permanent move.You’d have to be very sure before you choose an IP to block it.There are different ways to block IP address in WordPress.You can add some plugins to secure your site from suspicious visitors and hackers.

Following are a couple of useful plugins for WordPress to block IP addresses.

WP Ban

WP-Ban lets you block any IP address.You can also select IPs and secure them from being banned.Whenever the blocked IP visits your blog, you will receive a text about it.A complete display covering the stats about the times they attempt to visit your blog.

  • Install and Activate the “WP Ban” plugin.
  • Now, on your “WordPress dashboard”, go to “settings” section.
  • You will see “Ban” menu.
  • Once you click on it, a new window will appear.
  • Here in this page, you can fill in the IP address that you want to block, IP address range and Banned message and some more according to your proficiency.
  • Once done, save changes.

IP Ban

IP Ban is a plugin which helps you to protect your site from spammers and hackers.You can select and add IP addresses and create your own blacklist.It is always good to secure your site from unwanted crawlers which uses your bandwidth and resource.

  • Install & Activate “IP Ban” plugin.
  • On WordPress, go to dashboard.
  • Go to “IP ban menu” under the “Settings” section, a new window will appear on screen.
  • Here, you can make a list of the IP address that you want to ban. You may also provide a redirect url; so that when a banned user access your site, he/she would be redirected to your specified URL.
  • Once done, save changes.

There are some more plugins online to use, you may want to search and select them yourself.You may also call on WordPress Support Phone Number in case you need some professional help and support. In case of urgency, you should contact WordPress but you may use these plugins to secure your site for long time.


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