How To Change Facebook Password On IPhone

Facebook is one of those few social media platforms which were launched more than a decade ago but still in use today. Most of the people still use Facebook for online chatting. Not just chatting but you can also use Facebook for searching jobs, house hunting and even online shopping. Moreover you can access Facebook in all kinds of devices from android and apple mobiles, tablets, laptops supporting windows as well as Mac. Also to ensure that your Facebook is safe and secure you should keep changing your password from time to time. Suppose if you use apple device and want to change your Facebook password you can easily do so by following few easy steps. To know about How To Change Facebook Password On Iphone refer to below steps.

Steps To Change Facebook Password If My Facebook Password Forgot


1.On your IPhone tap on Facebook application or navigate to the official link on any browser

2.Enter your email and password and log in to the official account

3.On your feed, scroll down and look for the menu option in the corner down the page

4.Scroll for privacy shortcut and tap on it

5.Next tap on more settings

6.Tap next on general option

7.Now click password

8.Next to change password click on current one and enter it

9.Once you have entered the old password scroll down and enter the new one

10.Enter it twice to confirm

11.After entering the passwords tap on change password option

12.You will get a notification of having successfully changed the password

13.If you want you can either keep it logged or log out.

And hence that’s all for changing Facebook Password. Make sure to create a password that you can easily remember. Also keep changing it from time to time to ensure account’s security. There are many reasons why one should keep changing their passwords. To know why, user can refer to below points.

Reasons why to change Facebook password from time to time:


1.The biggest reason why one should keep changing passwords is to protect your account from hackers. Usually if you haven’t updated your password for a long time then they might guess it.

2.Also if you keep your account logged in with the same password for a long time then you might forget it as well

And hence that’s all for the steps for Facebook account password change. In case if you forget the Facebook password on web, type ‘Forgot My Facebook Password’ and follow the steps. For any doubt contact customer support.

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