How to Download Latest version of Mcafee Antivirus ?

2 Best Ways To Download Latest Version of McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Inc is a leading Antivirus Company, headquartered in California, US. It offers computer security software and services in the world. The McAfee Antivirus protects the computer against the malware, spyware and other harmful viruses and hence keep the account, data and other important files safe and secure.

McAfee has introduced multiple versions of Antivirus and each one has been updated with the new features. To know more about the benefits and utilities of McAfee Antivirus, you may contact the McAfee Antivirus Customer Support. The team will provide you the complete information related to your query.

If you want to access the new features of the McAfee Antivirus, then you must install this. McAfee Antivirus Download is an easy process, it will just consume only 10 minutes. The entire procedure is listed in step by step mode for easy to understand. Hence go through with this and protect your computer from the latest virus.

  2 Ways To Get The Latest Version of McAfee Antivirus

 First Method: -

If you have already installed any Antivirus, then uninstall it and restart your computer. make sure to delete the entire files of that Antivirus.

  • First of all, go to the official website of McAfee.   
  • Click on Login, enter your credentials and click Log In. if you don't have an account, then you can create the same, just click on Register Now, now enter your details such as Full Name, email address, contact info, etc and click Log In.   
  • Once you logged in, the McAfee will provide you the option to select the device in which you want to download the software. So select your device and also select the latest version of Antivirus.   
  • Click on the Download Link and wait for the download to finish.   
  • Go to the download folder, click on the downloaded file and Run the same.   
  • Now the McAfee Antivirus will start installing, but before that, you will get the option to choose the installation method. It's recommended to go for the Complete Installation, click on it and then click Next.   
  • McAfee will take some times to Install, first, it will download the Installed files and later on Software.   
  • In the meantime, McAfee will ask you about the Usage Information, if you want to participate in the customer response program, then click on the tick box. If you are not interested, leave the same and click Next.   
  • Now click on Finish. Hence your McAfee Antivirus is successfully installed.

Second Method: -

If you are already a McAfee Antivirus user and want to update the latest version of the same, then follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the official website of McAfee.   
  • Navigate to the Security Updates section.   
  • Enter your product details and then select the updates to download.   
  • You will receive the Security Updates Agreement, click Agree.   
  • Now download the file and save it to the desired location in your computer.   
  • It's time to extract the downloaded file and also to insert the same in the McAfee Folder.   
  • From your computer, open the program files from the local drive, go to the Security and select the bin. Under the bin, you will find the DAT folder.   
  • Now insert the downloaded file in the DAT folder.        
  • Once it is done, your McAfee is updated with the current version.


For any support, you may contact the McAfee Antivirus Technical Support. The techie will provide the complete elucidation of any issue.They work around the clock,so you can get their assistance anytime.So be in touch to enjoy the McAfee Antivirus without any interruption.

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