Check Out The Steps To Enable Interpreter Mode In Google Assistant

While travelling or visiting new places, people come across multiple languages, cultures, etc. For this, user has introduced interpreter mode for easy translation of languages on the move.

Interpreter mode of Google assistant allows users to translate conversations in real time. Earlier this service was only available on the Google Home smart speakers. Now this interpreter mode is available for iOS as well as Android smartphones.


Google Assistant Interpreter Mode


Interpreter mode in Google assistant works with 44 languages till now and can be easily invoked by saying it to Google assistant. When a user enables it on the device, the assistant will translate and read out the speech loudly. The user can check out Smart replies which speeds up the conversation. With this facility of Google, the user does not require hand gestures. For using it, simply enable the feature and converse with the person speaking a foreign language. 


How To Enable Google Assistant Interpreter Mode?


It is very easy to use the interpreter mode. If a user wants to know How To Enable Interpreter Mode In Google Assistant, follow the steps mentioned below:


  • The user just need to ask it to turn on the feature and can be used after that. 
  • It listens to any speech using a microphone and translates the language in real time. 
  • At the bottom of the Screen, there is an option of Smart replies, for a faster response in the conversation.
  • To start it, the user has to simply say it on Google assistant. The translated conversation appears on the phone and it can also be heard.
  • When it is done, the user can exit the app and in case of smart displays, swipe right will work to exit interpreter mode.


No More Hand Gestures


Interpreter mode is a great feature of Google assistant with which a user can converse with people speaking different languages through smartphone. The language barrier should not be an issue in the time of Google interpreter. 


If there is still any query related to interpreter mode of Google assistant, a user can contact the technical support of Google. The executives of the support team will provide the best assistance to the user for the proper use of Google assistance interpreter mode. The technical help of Google is available 24x7. They can be contacted using the details provided on Google’s official website.

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