How To Find Roku IP Address without Remote

Get to know How May you Find the Roku IP Address Without Accessing Remote !

Roku is a streaming device which is used as a digital media player.With the help of roku device,you may get upbeat live streaming service including graphics,high quality media, Netflix subscription.It is portable in nature so that,you can carry roku device intu your palm and your work anywhere at any place.

If you do not know How to Find Roku IP Address without Remote then you need to follow given below steps.These steps will help you to rectify your issue.

  1. First of all,you need to go to the google chrome browser.
  2. Here you need to type the Remoku into the search bar.
  3. You will see the first ,you need to tap on this link.
  4. Here you will have to tap on the +Add to chrome icon.
  5. Wait for some time ten roku will start downloading.
  6. You are required to install it on your Google chrome browser,you will see the R icon at the top right corner of the window.
  7. After that,you will have to go to the settings option to find  the Roku on the network.
  8. Here you will see the two choices then you need to choose the scanning option which will find your Roku ip address without remote.

After that you can easily find the roku address but if you are unable to follow these steps and you are getting some issue with these steps then you need to take help from Roku Customer Service.You will get major help from Roku support team.They will provide you best guidance to get rid of all the technical error related to it.

Several Roku IP Address Issues :

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  • Roku IP address on box
  • Roku IP address conflicts
  • Roku IP address lookup errors


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