How To Fix Gmail Autentication Error

Gmail usually works pretty smoothly on various devices like smartphones or desktop. When a person tries to access Gmail account very first time on a device, they need to provide correct credentials. However, sometime Gmail might show authentication errors at the time user tries to log in to his account on a device. Gmail authentication may arise due to some technical fault sometime, while the other times due to incorrect settings. Basically, the Gmail authentication error signifies that the server is unable to verify the authorized access with your email. Moreover, the details about the reasons causing Gmail authentication error and the method for resolving the issue are discussed below.


Why Does the Gmail Authentication Error Message Appear?


Gmail authentication failure occurs due to several factors. However, a list of most common reasons that result in Gmail authentication error is given as below:

· You might have submitted wrong login credentials

· Gmail is accessing account verification through incorrect port

· Incoming mail server settings are not turned on

· Two-step verification might cause authentication error


How To Manage Gmail Authentication Error On My Gmail Account?


Several tricks might help the user in fixing the Gmail authentication failure for an individual account. People who are not already aware might winder about how to fix Gmail Authentication Error, which is not much difficult in reality. Hence, the most reliable methods that can help a user in fixing the Gmail authentication error are as described below:


Add app-specific password


· Go to the Gmail website and login to your account

· Then move to account settings from the upper right menu

· Next choose My account section and go to the Sign-in & Security tab

· After that select from the available options to set account security

· Then you have to add unique password for the app and save it


Turn on IMAP server settings


· First of all, open a browser and visit the Gmail sign in window

· Next, you have to enter the Gmail ID whose authentication is failed

· After that enter your login password and tap on sign in tab

· Now open the settings from your Gmail account home screen top left corner

· After that select POP/IMAP server for setting up protocol

· Tap next button and tick mark the POP server tap to enable the settings

· Hereafter navigate to general settings and select less secure apps box

· Then you have to enter your Gmail ID again and hit save button

· After that move to SMTP server settings and tick mark on the box to enable it too

· Next turn on the IMAP server configuration and save for your Gmail ID

· Once IMAP server settings are enabled, tap on the save button to store as same


Reset login details


· Enter you Gmail ID on login window and tap on I forgot my password tab

· Next you have to choose call or text option for receiving a verification code in your number

· Then submit that code on the assigned field on Gmail window

· After that a new window to reset Gmail password will appear on the screen

· Or else tap on I don’t have my phone when unable to verify through phone number

· Then select send button below recovery email option

· After that login to that email and get the code Gmail has send

· Then again enter that code on the assigned space and a new page for resetting password will open

· Now type a new password combination and save to access your Gmail account once again


The above methods can help to overcome the Gmail Authentication Error that a user might encounter while trying to access account on another device rather than the regular one. However, if the Gmail authentication error doesn’t get fixed after trying every method, connect to the customer service team of Google. A Gmail expert will be assigned to you who will provide the further guidance towards dealing with the authentication failure.

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