How To Fix Image Upload Issues in Wordpress?

Procedures for How To Fix Image Upload Issues in Wordpress :

The issue of not uploading of images in Wordpress is one of those issues which appears unexpectedly.In the upload directory, if you have not configured file suitable settings then your image files will not be stored successfully.

If you are having image upload Issues in Wordpress and you are not much aware about it.It would be better to contact your host that will save your time as they would surely know how to fix this up for you.

Following are some solutions to this problem in detail with performing steps.

Change File Permissions.

You’d have to use FTP client as the instructions below are subject to “FileZilla” a renowned FTP client.

  • Access your website’s files.
  • Open root directory (public_html).
  • Open the wp-content folder.  
  • Find and go to “Uploads folder”.
  • Right-click the Uploads folder.
  • Click on “File Permissions”.
  • Note down the numeric value which is already filled.
  • In the “Change File Attributes”.

Edit these settings:

  • Numeric Value: 744
  • Recurse into Subdirectories should be “Ticked”.
  • Select the “Apply to Directories” radio button.

Doing this will fix the problem, if not then follow the steps again and replace 744 with the original value.

Deactivate every plugin.

If site is busy or have good enough traffic and you are using a lot of plugins, may be your site is about to touch memory limits, which could be a reason behind not uploading of the images. If your site runs an image optimizer plugin, you can deactivate it and then try uploading images. If it didn't work, you may try deactivating every plugin. If it still doesn't work, you may call on Wordpress Support Phone Number. Either you can contact your developer or follow the next solution.

Increase memory limit of your site.

As mentioned above, may be your site has reached to a point where its memory limit is about to be full. This can happen, only if your site is on a shared hosting server and it set limits on the memory the users can use. It would be next to impossible for us to increase memory limit if we are not perfect in using Wordpress. So, you should better contact your host to do this.

You’d need to access your site through an FTP server then  edit your files and it would be essential to add codes to them. If you want to build your website, you would need to know how to do all this.

Go to “Media Settings” Page and remove the file path.

This is not a well known solution to the image upload issue but it works sometimes.

  • In Wordpress site, sign into “Admin area”
  • Open “Settings” menu.
  • Click on Media.
  • A text box will appear on the screen.
  • In the file path text box, you can delete the text.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Doing this may fix the problem.

When it comes to manage a Wordpress site yourself is a very hard work and if we talk about applying fixes to solve issues that is a really big deal. That is why a large number of developers and site owners registered with Wordpress hosts as they know how to do this job. You may contact Google help center in case you are still struggling to fix the issue.

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