How To Fix 500 Internal server error in Wordpress?

Try different approaches to Fix 500 Internal server error in Wordpress

Error 500 is an internal server error that runs on every page of your site when there an issue with the server or file system.This is the common Wordpress error that can happen with anything running on your server.This is the most frustrating error that never has straightforward solution.To fix this issues users require lots of troubleshooting approach that take lots of your time and patience.

There may be problem on your host’s server or the cause occurs in the root directory.To fix this issue you need to find the exact cause due to which you are facing this issue.In this article we are exploring causes and solution to this problem.

If you don't know how to implement the above mentioned approaches then contact to Wordpress Technical Support team.Expertise will provide you step by step solution to implement these approaches.By following the steps provided by the team you can easily solve your issues with in minimum time. They provide a reliable and unique solution for all your issues.

Cause of the Wordpress 500 Internal Server Error

  • It can be caused by plugin and the theme functions.
  • Corrupted .htaccess file
  • Exhausted PHP memory limit
  • This error only showing up when you try to access the admin area.

Solution of 500 error

You can try below mentioned approaches one after the another because they consume your lots of time.

  • The very first approach is to check the corrupted .htaccess file. If the file is corrupted the generate a new .htaccess file with proper rewrite rules.
  • This error arise if you are exhausting your PHP memory limit. So to fix this increase the PHP memory limit by creating a blank text file and upload it into your wp admin folder using FTP.
  • Deactivate  all the plugins at once and reactivate them one after the another to find one of the plugin that is causing the error. Remove that plugin and report the error to the plugin author.
  • Debug your site to locate issues and reuploading core files.
  • If none approach work for you then ask to your hosting provider if the issue is on the server that powers your site.

To connect with this team need to dial on Wordpress Support Phone Number.Your attended by the highly qualified professionals who will provide you a quick solution according to your requirement.By calling on this number you can get immediate solution for all of your issues.To get appropriate solution you need to mention your requirement clearly.

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