How To Fix Linksys Router Not Working Issues?

How to troubleshoot the issue “Linksys Router is Not working”

Linksys router become essential need for the users to establish internet connection. It is one of the most favorable device used for home users and business organizations.It is a networking device which perform traffic directing function on the Internet.Linksys router is most familiar router that simply pass packets between computers and Internet.

Sometime your device stopped getting internet signal.This problem caused by if your Linksys Router Not Working properly.One of the reason of this problem is that your internet service provider is not providing service so contact with your ISP first before trying any solution.You can also dial customer support number to connect with ISP.You can also restart your computer to verify that problem is with your router not with your device.

Linksys router troubleshooting approaches

  1. You need to make sure that computer and router should be powered on.
  2. Check the router’s green power light is blinking continuously.
  3. Check all the connection between the router and equipments are connected properly. Also make sure that the link light for each of hardware connection is turned on.
  4. To get the internet function again you are required to turn off your computer and unplug the router and modemWait for ten minutes and plugging the modem and router then turn on your computer.
  5. Now press the center button of the linksys console.

This will fix you problem 99% and bring everything back to normal.If your issue does not resolve then call on Linksys Router Toll Free Number.

Make sure that the linksys router share the same WEP(Wireless Equivalent privacy) and SSID(Service set identifier) settings like the other devices on the network.So to check this open a browser on your device and type into the address bar then press enter. In the prompted window leave the username field blank and type admin in the password field and press enter.Router setup page will appear where you have to verify that WEP and SSID settings matches with all other wireless devices on the network.

If these approaches don’t work then reset your router to its factory default settings.For this put something pointy to go through the labeled reset on the front of the router. Now hold down the reset button for sometime and restart your computer.

How to Get reliable technical support to solve technical issue

In the above section we have mentioned some approach to troubleshoot the Linksys router issue.If these approaches do not work well then you need to connect with technical support team of Linksys router.To get in touch with them you have to dial Linksys Router Helpline Number. This number is always accessible so feel free to call on this number when you face any issue.

Users can also direct contact to Linksys Router Technical Support team via emails.They have to mention their issue in detail and what steps they have taken to fix that issue.Technical support team provide remote support for the users with exact solution for their issue.This team consist of professionals who are high in quality and well professional mannered.Linksys router support is the prestigious venue where users can best solution provided by the professionals to troubleshoot their various errors.

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