How To Fix Mcafee Antivirus Not Scanning Issues?

Fix McAfee Scanning Issue In An Easy Way-Complete Procedure

McAfee is best known for the security provider of computer or laptops. It hosts multiple features and one of such is the scheduled scanning, it scans the computer and monitor the same on a regular basis and hence protect the device. McAfee Antivirus removes the malware, spyware and also harmful viruses from the computer.

Big the Software is, bigger the problem is and to tackle the same, McAfee Antivirus Technical Support is always available to solve the issues. The techies have good hands on experience in solving the versatile issues and their prime role is to resolve the issues within a quick frame of time. They work around the clock for the assistance of the users.

Some users reported the issue, McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning. The cause may vary such as the compatibility mode, may be the software is not compatible with the system requirement. the resolution of the aforesaid issue is described below, considering all the issues.

McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning- Quick Fix

If you have any other Antivirus Software on your computer, then delete it.

Now its time to reset the Internet activity, go to the Internet Explorer, click on Internet Options followed by the Tools and thereafter select the Advanced Tools and click Reset. After doing this, restart your computer. now try to scan your device with the McAfee Antivirus.

If the above process didn't work, then follow the alternate procedure mentioned below.

  • Few things you must make sure, the McAfee Antivirus is up to date, the computer is also updated.   
  • Check the System requirement for the McAfee Antivirus software, if it does not match, then uninstall it and Install the correct one as per your Computer need.   
  • If any updates are pending, make sure to update the same.   
  • Make sure to Login as an Administrator in your Computer.   
  • Once you have performed these steps, and still getting the issue, then go for Manual Scan.To do the same.   
  • Shutdown your Computer.            
  • Turn it ON, the computer will process the BIOS, after completing press F8 and with the use of arrow keys select the Safe Mode and click Enter.   
  • Once you are in the Safe Mode, go to the Start menu, click McAfee followed by the All Programs and then select On-Demand Scan and there after click Scan.   
  • The scanning will take some time and once the process is completed, close it.   
  • Now restart your computer in Normal Mode.        

Hope this procedure will resolve your issue, for further information you may contact the McAfee Antivirus Customer Support. The team will transfer your issues to the technical department and the tech team will focus on the same and will provide you the optimized elucidation. Hence be in touch with them to prevent the further issues. The Customer Support acts as a link between the McAfee and the users, they not only resolve the issue but also gather the feedback from the users to enhance the features of the McAfee Antivirus.

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