How To Fix Outlook Search Function Not Working

Is your Outlook Search Function Not Working? Fixes Here:

Outlook email account is the best option in order to share the information with the clients without encountering the issue.But sometimes the users are not able to perform the task easily. At this, they are always happy to make connection with the tech support team and this is most of the users are quite active to perform the task easily.

With this discussion,If you are not able to manage your Outlook email account you are the right person to make the strong connection with the tech support team in no time.If Outlook Search is Not Working fine then to fix the issue you need to rebuild the search catalog that restart the indexing of your data files and rebuild the modest of the task to complete soon.

Below mentioned procedures will help you to get the issue fixed in no time.

  1.  At first go to the windows start button and press the control panel and select the Windows apps.
  2.  Now go to the left, click "Turn Windows features on or off and turn of the services you see.
  3.  Now finally click on the OK button and press the confirm button for the restart your computer.
  4.  You can go to the sage mode where you can run the command to perform the troubleshooting task in hurry to fix.
  5.  You need to change the password of your Outlook email account at the end of the task.

If still your Outlook Not Working fine and you have tried everything fine but still you did not get the success you need to contact tech support team to fix it. As per the tech support engineers, when Outlook Search Not Working then you have to check out the internet connection is fine or not. If not then you need to fix it and for that you have to check out the router.

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