How To Fix Wordpress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issues

Wordpress gives you the best platform to write down your opinions,feelings or to start a career or a start up business.If you are a blogger or a person going to start an online business, or want to promote the start up business, Wordpress is the right place for you. Here you can customize your page, add images and manage all the things easily.Wordpress platform is based on PHP and MYSQL.User have to maintain an account with the Wordpress. Few things are free of cost but if you want your own domain then services are paid. You have to select the required plan and then you can put your soul in making your page with your domain with Wordpress. Wordpress makes it all easy for you !

Few technical issues are there which a Wordpress user face sometimes.Login problem is one of them.User may find error messages after login like,White Screen Of Death,Not able to establish the database connection,Internal server error etc.On of the common login issue is,Just after login,the page get refreshed and redirected again to the login page.Here it is discussed, How to troubleshoot this issue.

Steps for Wordpress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issues/Errors :

  • Login in Wordpress is based upon cookies,so first try to delete the cookies and unwanted cache. Enable the cookies in your browser. Login again after closing all the windows.
  • Many times plugins can create the problem.Deactivate all the plugin and then try to login again. If this time user succeed then it means one of the plug ins was the culprit.
  • Get back to the default theme. Make a FTP connection. Go to /wp-content/theme/ and change the theme to the default theme.
  • Locate the .htaccess file in wp-admin directory and delete that file.
  • 'define('WP_HOME' , 'http://<URL>') and 'define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://<URL>'), add these two lines in the wp-config php file to update the URL.

If these steps doesn't resolve the issue then user should contact with the experts at Wordpress Technical Support.The tech support is available through phone,email or live chat.User can get the most effective technical support within very short duration of time.


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