YouTube is extremely popular among the people as the best place for video surfing. However, a few times, people might encounter one or another error while streaming YouTube videos. Among various video failures on YouTube, people have reported error 400 most of the time. YouTube error 400 indicates the issuance of an illegal or malformed request by the client-server. This error can be very annoying at times when someone is surfing useful videos on YouTube, and it gets hinder due to error 400. More precise details explaining why YouTube error 400 occurs, and how you can fix it are as below.


Why does YouTube error 400 occurs while video surfing?


People who are trying to surf videos on YouTube might encounter error 400 due to different reasons. However, the most commonly noted reasons behind occurrence of YouTube error 400 are enlisted below:

· Bad header request send to YouTube server

· Browser cache files are corrupted

· Prevention by browser extension

· File is too large


What are the best methods for How To Fix YouTube error 400?


When a person don’t know that how to fix YouTube error 400 or carries very less knowledge then it becomes difficult for them to manage it. Therefore, the best methods to fix YouTube error 400 are described below with full explanation.

Clear YouTube cookies

· Tap on the menu bar of your browser and scroll down to settings

· Next open the advanced settings tab and look for the cookies option

· Then open the stored cookies list and find YouTube cookies from there

· Next select all the YouTube cookies one by one and confirm the deletion

Clear browser cache

· Open your browser settings and then look for Privacy & Security tab

· Next you will find Clear browsing data option beneath the Privacy & Security section

· Then tap on clear browsing data and a pop up will appear

· Now choose a time range and tick mark all the browsing data under basic tab

· Or navigate to advanced tab and select browsing data from there

· At last tap on clear data for deleting the selected cache and files permanently

Refresh your PC

· Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh your windows system as it might fix the YouTube error 400

· Hit F5 more times to ensure that YouTube error 400 is gone

· In case the error still remains move to next solution

Correct URL error

· Check the URL you have typed on YouTube as a single URL mistake can lead to bad request error 400

· Ensure that the URL entered by you is correct and you have not malformed it somehow

· Later if you found any kind of URL error immediately correct it and then retry to open YouTube videos

Replace YouTube video link

· Replacing the YouTube direct video link with the video ID might help to correct the error

· Therefore, go to the YouTube direct link at first

· After that select letters and number combination from the link that is video ID

Reset your browser

· Open the setting of your browser by tapping the menu

· Further navigate towards advanced settings and scroll down to Reset & Clean up option

· After that choose reset settings to their original defaults option

· Later hit reset settings from the pop up window and then restart your device

· Once device is restarted open YouTube again and try video surfing on it


Are you able to fix YouTube error? Well, a few times it might happen that the YouTube error 400 you tried fixing with the help of popular solutions goes in vain. In that condition, the customer care department of YouTube plays a significant role as you can contact them for technical support. A customer service executive will be assigned after you contact them and this person will further provide technical assistance towards fixing error 400 more efficiently.

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