How To Recover Optus email Password ?

Optus emailing service is the emailing service that is wholeheartedly the service provided by the top telecommunication in Australia i.e SingTel.This is the company that deals in providing the various internet services along with the free emailing service that comes with various features like another emailing service.So the Optus email service includes the features like separate folders including inbox, mail, draft, spam folder. These all folders are used to store a different kind of messages like the messages which you think doesn’t deserve to be your inbox goes to spam folder.

Optus Support Number

So Optus mailing service is used by millions of users since it is a completely free of cost service, you just need to register for it and then you are done with the in order to get access to this web mailing service you need to first visit the official site of the Optus email, once you browse will easily find the page where you need to just choose the platform for which you wants to create the account like you need to opt for whether you want an account for your android device or for you system. Once you did with this you just need to go through the sign-up process, involving entering your personal information as well.Optus customer service phone number is always available to the users in case of any queries related to the services they are using, so never hesitate to call on such numbers.

How to Recover Optus Email Password ?

Once you are done with the process then you can even manage the further settings of your account by login to your account by the username and the password you have set for your account.The settings of the account may even involve the recovering of the password, but for doing so you need to either call on Optus helpline number or can follow the below-written steps:

  1. In order to recover the password, you need to reset a new password for your account and for that first of all click the reset button on the login page.
  2. Once you do it a page will open in front of you that will give you the options of my account username or the email address.
  3. Then after going through these options, you need to enter the continue button.
  4. After that you need to enter the mobile service number, this is the number that you have registered for the account.
  5. Then you need to select among the SMS on the number or mail to the registered mail, and then a link will be provided to you to reset the password.

Optus Help Desk

In case you are a completely new user and you ar not able to follow the above steps then just give a call on Optus customer service number.

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