How To Setup Two Step Verification For Hotmail Account ?

In the event like, If you want to set up two-step verification for Hotmail account either by the assistance of an email address or by the mobile number,It is suggested that you to set up authentication when you have access to your smartphone.The Process of setting two step verification is to the tasks in an easier and more efficient manner. For setup two step verification For Hotmail account,you simply just need to follow the below mentioned guidelines stepwise in most  efficient manner.

Steps For How To Setup Two Step Verification For Hotmail Account

  1. There is a link given in your Hotmail email already to get to the Security settings of your Hotmail Account. It is presently needed for you to "Sign in" by utilizing the accreditations of your account.
  2. Tap the alternative that is demonstrating to you the "Set up two-step verification link."
  3. Select the option of "Next".
  4. When you are endeavouring to set up an email account which is associated with a cell phone, there is have to pick the verification strategy.
  5. You have to choose  “An app from the drop-down menu.
  6. There is a requirement to choose a gadget that you are utilizing, and tap the alternative to "Next."
  7. It is required to take after directions relying on the gadget that has been utilized by you.

Hotmail customer service is very easy to approach in case of difficulties.Thought the steps that we have listed above are sure shot and well tried,yet there may be cases wherein you need an expert help.In that case draw up an email and fire it straight away to the customer support or pick up your phone and dial up the Hotmail Password Reset Number and all your queries would be sorted on priority basis.


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