Stuck In The Configuration of D-Link Router? Get Complete Procedure

D-Link Router is leading Manufacturer of the Networking Equipment headquartered in Taipei,Taiwan.The company offers various advanced networking components such as Routers,Adapter,Switches and much more.

The features of the entire products are excellent and due to such the company is highly applauded by the users.

D-Link made entire products user-friendly and easy to access. If you have D-Link Router and want to configure then you can perform such operation in an easy way,amid the process,if you stuck,then you can take an expert assistance by contacting D-Link Router Customer Support.The experts offer the advanced solution of any issue within an estimated frame of time.Now let's go back to the procedure.

D-Link Router Setup- Complete Procedure

  • Turn off your Modem and unplug the cables from the power socket.
  • Connect your Modem with Router through Ethernet Cable.
  • Now from the other end of the Router, connect it to the Computer using Ethernet Cable.
  • Turn On the devices, first turn ON to the modem,then Router and finally Computer.
  • If the lights are blinking in the Router, then the devices are properly connected.   
  • Now open the Browser from your computer.   
  • Under the address bar, type and hit Enter.   
  • The D-link page will open, under the username, the default name will appear, as Admin and the password section will be blank, click Login.   
  • Go to the Setup section, click on Setup Wizard.   
  • Thereafter click on Launch Internet Connection Setup Wizard.   
  • In the first step, you need to create the Password and once you have created, then click Next.   
  • Now select your Timezone and click Next.
  • It's time to select the Internet Connection, click on DHCP, if you have any problem related to the Internet     Connection, then contact the Service provider.
  • Under the same setting, you will see the Mac Address, most of the time it is automatically filled. So skip this process.   
  • Finally, the setup is completed, click Connect.

If you have multiple devices and want to share the Internet to all the devices through the router, then follow the next steps.

  • Open Browser and under the address bar, type and hit Enter.   
  • Sign-in to the Router with your username and password.   
  • Click on the Setup.
  • On the left side of the Setup page, you will see the Wireless Setting, click on it.   
  • Click on the checkbox Enable Wireless Setting.   
  • Thereafter enter the Wireless Network Name, mostly it is called SSID.   
  • Select the Security Mode, recommended to choose WPA2.   
  • Under the WPA2 section, create the password and then click on Save Settings.   

Now,take your phone, switch ON the WiFi, multiple networks will appear, select the D-Link and tap on connecting and then enter the password which you have created.

For additional information or for the solution of any query, you may dial on D-Link Router Helpline Number.The number is feasible 24*7, so you can call anytime as per your need.The experts will offer the best and effective solution to any issue. Hence, be in touch with them and enjoy the features of the D-Link.

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