Check Out The Detailed Guide To Resolve Icloud Two Factor Authentication Not Working

For the past few years, Apple has been known for offering its users with some of the finest products and services. Further, to help users manage their data effectively, the users are offered with iCloud account services where the users can store their data, media, and audio files. The user can even use this service for sharing the files and data with the other users in just a few moments. All in all, iCloud has proved to be an effective service for managing the data.


Indeed, the services offered by iCloud are the finest, but there are a few users who have reported login issues with their accounts. Fortunately, for the users who have enabled two-step authentication for their iCloud account can easily overcome the login issues. 


What is two-step authentication?


For the users who are not aware of what two-step authentication means, it is an extra layer added to the login process. This simple feature simply helps the users to ensure the security of their iCloud account where a code is offered to the user at the time of login that they need to enter to verify their identity. 


Undoubtedly, two-step authentication is an incredible feature to ensure the security of an iCloud account, but some users are encountering iCloud two factor authentication not working issues. Well, multiple reasons can lead to this issue like sync problems, issues with the date and time settings or more. 


Luckily, this issue can be resolved in time by following some troubleshooting solutions. So, to help out the users here, are the few troubleshooting steps that they can try out. 


Ways to resolve two-factor authentication not responding issue


  1. Enable two-factor authentication for iCloud


There are chances that the user might not have enabled the two factor authentication for the iCloud account. So, it is required that the user enable the two-factor authentication by following the provided steps:


  • Launch the Settings app on the device and tap on the Owner’s name. 
  • Tap on security and password option and enable the two-factor authentication option. 
  • And then, tap on the Continue option and check if the issue is resolved or not. 


  1. Network issues


There are chances that users might be encountering iCloud two factor authentication not working problems because of network issues. Hence, it is suggested to the users to switch between the networks and check if the issue is resolved or not. 


  1. Get code from Settings


  • For the users who have failed to receive a code over call and text can try out this method. 
  • Launch the Settings app on the device and tap on the Password and Security option. 
  • And then, the user is required to tap on the Get Verification code option. 
  • Further, the user can enter the code and regain access to their account. 


  1. Reset iCloud account


  • In case, if the user fails to provide the password and verification codes for their iCloud account, they can opt for the password reset process.
  • Visit Apple forgot page and click on Forgot password. 
  • Provide the Apple ID for the account and select a recovery option.
  • Further, verify the account and reset the account password. 


Besides, for the users who still have queries regarding iCloud two factor authentication not working can contact the apple help center for help.

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