How Can You Fix Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

Roku is an American based company providing for digital services through its streaming devices. In today’s time, internet is one of the major needs equally important like fooding or clothing. In today’s time, the internet has provided with major sources of entertainment from Netflix, youtube to social media websites. Hence if you want to avail hassle free strong Wi-Fi services of Roku, get your device installed now. Even though Roku provides flawless streaming web series and shows online but still sometimes Roku stops working because of disconnected Wi-Fi. There are many reasons of Wi-Fi not working in Roku. Thus to know about the reasons of why Roku Not Connecting To Wifi, tap on below details.


Reasons To Fix Roku Not Connected To Wifi And Lost Remote


1.Most of the times, Roku does not respond to Wi-Fi is because of internet failure

2.Maybe there is network failure in WIFI because of which Roku stops working

3.Furthermore if some has changed the password of your Wi-Fi, even in that case Roku might stop working

4.Moving further if you haven’t paid your Wi-Fi bill, then Roku can stop working

5.Hence if your Roku stops working because of any of the following reasons, you won’t be able to access any online streaming channel or show. To know how to fix it, refer to below detail.


Methods To Fix Roku Not Connecting To Wi-Fi


1.If Roku doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi then firstly log in your router

2.Next enter the IP address of the router directly in your web browser. Make sure to enter IP address in browser’s location and not Google

3.Once you have logged in your browser, navigate to the DNS settings of your Wi-Fi

4.Now replace the internal DNS of your browser with external DNS

5.Once you have changed your settings now save the new changes you have made

6.Now turn on your Roku settings once again

7.If in case your internet still doesn’t work then unplug the main switch of your router and then again, plug in

8.Remember that if you have placed your DNS settings properly then your Router will start working

9.But if not then try below alternatives

10.Remove Roku device and re install it

11.Make sure Wi-Fi is not disconnected

12.Keep changing passwords in order to save your account from hacking

13.Pay your Wi-Fi bill and Roku subscription on time.

And you are done with all the hacks to fix Roku not connecting to Wi-Fi. If in case you still face any issue, then contact customer care team of Roku.

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