What Can You Do If Your Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Amazon Fire Stick

Many people use Amazon fire sticks for the streaming purpose on their Samsung TV, which works quite efficiently to let the people access Netflix, HBO, and several other channels. However, sometimes people may see that their Samsung TV is unable to recognize the amazon fire stick, which can happen due to various reasons. On this page, you will get a definite knowledge about why Samsung TV is not recognizing amazon fire stick. Also, there are some tricks that may help you to deal with Samsung TV not recognizing amazon fire stick error. Hence, all such important details about Samsung TV not recognizing amazon fire stick as discussed below.


Why Is Samsung Tv Not Supported Mode Amazon Fire Stick?


There are numerous reasons which may cause a situation like this that a Samsung TV not recognizing amazon fire stick. If you wish to understand such reasons then go through the points enlisted below:


  1. An issue with the power cable or socket, or any of the power sources
  2. HDMI cable is in default or not connected properly  
  3. Amazon fire stick is not properly connected to the device
  4. Display resolution of the TV is inaccurate


How Can You Fix Samsung TV Not Recognizing Amazon Fire Stick Problem?


Whenever you encounter such a problem that your Samsung TV is not recognizing amazon fire stick, don’t panic as it can be resolved by some simple tricks. Therefore go through the data given below for understanding the ways to eradicate the Samsung TV not recognizing amazon fire stick problem on your own.


     1. Check power indicator:


  1. First of all, you have to check that the power indicator on the amazon fire stick is on
  2. If power indicator starts blinking or it stopped this  shows some error with a power plug or the cable
  3. Check all the power cords and connections, if still not working then connect the cord to another socket
  4. Then check again whether your Samsung TV is recognizing the fire stick or not


      2. Check HDMI cable:


  1. You have to make sure that the HDMI cable you are using for the streaming is not at fault
  2. Check that the HDMI cable is connected to the port correctly
  3. Also, check that the HDMI cable is not deteriorated
  4. You can also use a new HDMI cable is error is still there
  5. The last thing you can do is connect HDMI cable to another port


      3. Reconnect the fire stick:


  1. You have to reconnect amazon fire stick to your Samsung TV for recognition
  2. Firstly, switch off your Samsung TV and remove fire stick from the HDMI cable
  3. Next, unplug the power cable and wait up to 5-10 minutes
  4. Then plugin amazon fire stick again and wait 5 minutes
  5. Switch on the TV and reconnect fire stick to HDMI
  6. Now on the fire remote hit any button and wait
  7. Now your TV may recognize amazon fire stick properly


      4. Correct TV resolution:


  1. Incorrect resolution of the TV may affect the streaming
  2. Choose night resolution on your TV for the display
  3. Then tab up and rewind button on fire stick remote
  4. Now click Use current resolution option and check that the display is right


Hence, all the necessary details regarding Samsung TV unable to recognize the amazon fire stick is discussed above. You may also encounter the problem concerning Samsung TV not supported mode amazon fire stick for which you can connect with a technical expert for knowing the proper resolution. Moreover, you are suggested to get help from the customer support team of amazon regarding the solution for fixing this not recognizing issue on Samsung TV. The customer care executive will surely provide a better solution for fixing the issue of your amazon fire stick. 

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