Why Do I Keep Getting Logged Out Of Facebook?

Nowadays, most of the time you spend on Facebook in order to get in touch with the world and contact your friends. It is one of the best sources when things come to use perfect social media platforms and users can use it on multiple devices. Sometimes many users find it annoying when they are watching videos or talking with their friends and suddenly their Facebook logs them out and shows a message "Please log in to continue" again and again. This issue always wondered the users why Facebook keeps getting logged out on their device whereas they didn't do anything wrong with Facebook account. Well, there could be multiple reasons behind this issue and one can fix them in very simple steps.

Reasons Why Facebook Keeps Getting Logged Out?

There are too many possible reasons which may cause this issue of Facebook and some of them are given below: 

Multiple people logging in: If more than one person logs in to their Facebook account, then this error mostly occurs because Facebook does not allow multiple users to log in at the same time on the different devices.

Cookies: Sometimes your browser ends your session automatically after a certain time period and you will be logged out from your Facebook account automatically.

Server issues: Sometimes Facebook updates their server system. So you may also confront such kinds of problems that would be the only a temporary basis and you can wait for sometimes until the server updates.

Account hacking: If someone will be hacked your Facebook account password, then you might be logged out automatically and you must require to check either someone hacked your account or not.

Solutions To Fix Why It  Keeps Getting Logged Out of Facebook 

Solution 1: Wait for fewer times

If you have received this error for the very first time, then you should wait for it sometimes if it is caused due to the Facebook server error.

Solution 2: Reset your password

You can also reset your Facebook account password in order to prevent any kind of hacking or problem that you face when using your account. If someone hacked your account, then it will help you to log out automatically.

Solution 3: Clear cookies and caches

By resetting the unwanted cookies and caches from your preferred browser that you are using to access your Facebook account can also fix this issue very easily.

These above-described steps can help you to fix Facebook keeps getting logged out issues in a very simple way. In case you are still getting logged out of your account, then contact the support team of Facebook for the relevant assistance.

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