Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9045

Amazon Prime is one of the leading online video streaming (OTT Platform) that offers you myriads of videos. And it can be accessed on smart phones, TV, laptops, computers, etc. It provides you hassle-free service with a simple user interface. Rarely, anyone sees a problem while using it. Also, in case, if you are using an Amazon Prime account but unfortunately you are seeing Amazon Prime Video error code 9045. You shouldn't worry about it. You can either contact the technical support to get help or follow the given steps to troubleshoot.


Things to Do When You See Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9045


Check Internet Connection


First of all, you are required to check the internet connection through which your device is connected. Most of the time, an issue appears due to an unstable internet network or weak signals. In this way, you may see some problems while using your Amazon Prime Videos. You can even try to connect your device with another wifi network to get rid of this issue.


Clear Browser Cache


Clearing browser cache, cookies, and unwanted junk files play a very important role in fixing Amazon Prime Video error code 9045. Sometimes, you need to clean the memory to get smoother access.


Disable Browser Extensions


If you have installed any third-party extension or a browser plug-in, you should try to disable all of them. The extensions may cause some issues while using Amazon Prime Video. Also, you can uninstall the faulty one from your browser.


Update Browser


It may be the case that you are using an older version of the browser and there is a pending update. You need to install the update of your browser to fix the Amazon Prime Video error code 9045 issue. You can also try to access your Amazon Prime on another web browser.


Uninstall Third Party Applications


There might be an issue because of a third-party application or software that has been installed on your system. You should disable or uninstall the app. You can also run a full scan on your system to detect malicious entry on your system and causing problems.


Once you perform the above steps to fix Amazon Prime error code 9045, you will no longer worry about How To Fix Amazon Prime Video error code 9045. In case, things go south and you still see the same issue, you shouldn't delay more and instantly contact customer service. The technical support team will help you to get rid of the issue immediately. Above all, the tech experts are there to help you around the clock. So, contact the tech support anytime from anywhere.

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