Create a SBCGlobal Email Account

In the past of your introduction to an SBCGlobal Account, you should know that there is a connection in between AT&T, SBC global In this agenda, you will be asked to create a password that is strong enough to keep your account secure and away from hacking. Here, the first thing, you are suggested to do is to open the Outlook program. Hence, you are instructed to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Creating A Sbcglobal Email Account Isn't A Hard-Hitting Job

Sbcglobal Email Account Establishment

  1. Open
  2. Go to the Tools section
  3. Choose the Account Settings
  4. Click on the Email tab then
  5. Go to the top section of the toolbar
  6. Select the New bar
  7. Create a display name then
  8. The entered email address should be in the form of
  9. The POP3 account type has to be selected
  10. Enter as incoming mail server
  11. Enter as outgoing mail server
  12. Click Finish to close out of the email wizard
  13. Here you are supposed to select the Outgoing Server
  14. Enter 995 as incoming mail server port
  15. Enter 465 as outgoing mail server port
  16. Hence, my outgoing server requires authentication has to be selected
  17. Your email ID and password have to be entered now
  18. Create and enter a password that can be remembered easily
  19. Save your settings; click on the OK button
  20. Select the FINISH button

Sbcglobal Email Account Modification

SBCGlobal is perfect for you if you want to provide email accounts to your colleagues, business partners, and family members. enables you to add 10 sub-accounts. It also allows you to make modifications in the account information. So as to do that, you need to visit the profile section of AT&T Account Management. SBCGlobal Technical Support has also introduced a dependable helpline channel that is always with you to assist you. So, do not worry if you are facing a problem in the modification of your account information.

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