How To Create an Apple ID Without Credit Card ?

Create an Apple ID without Credit Card with the use of the given process !!

Creating an Apple ID is really simple as it requires certain steps that needs o be followed by the user. Besides, the Apple ID can be created very easily by simply entering some of the details about the users and can also be created with the use credit cards.

But there are users who wants to get an answer for the question namely How To Create an Apple ID without the use of their credit cards. So, for this the below mentioned steps needs to b followed by the user very carefully without making any mistake.

  1. first of all the user needs to checked whether they are signed in any of the Apple account or not. If yes then they need to sign out from their account.
  2. The user then is required to go to the Apple store and should choose any of the application that they want to use.
  3. After that the user is supposed to select on the free option.
  4. By selecting on it the user will then get the install menu that they need to click.
  5. The user should again select on that option so as to enable the download process of that particular application.
  6. By doing this the user will be asked to sign in to their Apple account or to create a new account if they don’t have one.
  7. In this menu the user needs to select on create new Apple ID option.
  8. Once this is done the user is needed to enter their country or the region where they are residing.
  9. When these are entered the user needs to select on next and should go to the next step.
  10. Select on agree menu to confirm the term and conditions.
  11. Users then need to enter some of the details about their new account. Details like phone number, email address, birth date needs to be entered.
  12. Now, go to the billing option and enter none and then enter the details of the billing address.
  13. By doing this Apple will then send an email to the alternate email to verify. Users need to go to that email and select on verify link to process.
  14. Lastly, sign in with the new username and password without the use of any credit card details.

Therefore, with these steps the user will easily be able to make their Apple id without credit cards. On the other hand, for more details on this topic the Apple Technical Support can be contacted by the users. The technical team are active all day and will provide the best answers and solutions to each of the issues faced by the user.


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