How To Delete Songs From iTunes ?

How To Delete Songs From iTunes ?

To free up some hard drive space on your iOS device, you must be expecting to delete a song in iTunes when you no longer love to listen to it. Deleting a song involves some hidden intricacy that can cause you not saving any space even if it is a simple process. In accordance with the iTunes Customer Service, the possibility is more if you make the use of iTunes Match or Apple Music. If you have some curiosity regarding the same, this post is appropriate for you.

How to Delete songs from iTunes on Mac or PC?

  1. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  2. Open the music library.
  3. Hit the [Music] key and then click [My Music] tab.
  4. Here you are supposed to look for the song that is needed to be deleted.
  5. Make a right click on the selected song.
  6. To delete the local copy of that song, you will have to select [Remove Download].
  7. Click [Delete] then.
  8. It will remove that song permanently.

How to Delete songs from iTunes on iPhone or iPad?

  1. Open the music app on your iOS device.
  2. Search for the targeted song.
  3. There will be an option for a new menu next to every song.
  4. To open a new menu, you will have to click on that menu.
  5. Now you are instructed to click on the [Delete] option.
  6. Hit [Delete Music] to delete the song permanently.

Remove Download

You can hit the [Remove Downloads] key to delete the song from the device. This option only appears on Apple Music or iTunes Match. It ends up with releasing some space on your hard drive. Remember, the [Remove Downloads] option won’t be useful for you if you have not downloaded the concerned song. Nevertheless, the entry for the song in your iTunes library will remain after using this option. Get complete details on [Remove Downloads] or [Delete Music] by dialing the iTunes Support Phone Number. Due to its easy accessibility and round the years' support services, this number is popularly called as the universal helpline number. You can dial it anytime, for any reason, from any part of the globe. iTunes Support is driven by professionally resourceful support engineers who have been linked with the different aspects of iTunes support from years.


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