How To Install Web Browser on Apple Tv

Apple has developed lots of advanced applications for people,which are secure, having amazing features and they are user friendly.Apple TV is one among them.This is a palm sized box that can be connected with the TV and can be run using HDMI.One of the port can be connected with the Wifi or other internet source and then user can access internet on his TV.The Apple TV comes with a remote for easy going. Once connections are done, you can enjoy both TV and internet on your television !

Web browser is a way to access internet from the TV.So first it need to be installed on the Apple TV. Here is the process for How to Install Web browser on Apple Tv

  1. TvOS Browser is an application  developed in order to enable web browsing with apple TV as Apple doesn't have this feature.
  2. So first user need to have that tvOS browser through sideloading ,in Apple TV.
  3. After that open the Application folder.
  4. Look for XCode app. Right click on it and then select Show Package Content.
  5. Click on Open Developer then Platform,then Apple Tv Platform.
  6. Further , click on Developer then SDKs then Apple TvOs.sdk,then user and then include.
  7. Double click on Availability.h file to open the XCode.
  8. User will see few lines followed by #define.
  9. Replace TVOS_Unavailable with TVOS_Unavailable_NOTQUITE in the first line and replace TVOS_Prohibited with TVOS_Prohibited_NOTQUITE.
  10. Save the changes in Availability.h.
  11. Press the Play button of XCode and check if TVOS browser rebuild successfully.
  12. User can now see the tvOS browser icon on the Apple TV.Now he can start browsing through Apple TV.


If user finds any problem in the process, he should call at the Apple Tech Support Phone Number for instant guidance.


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