How To Setup and use Backup iCloud?

Get an Effective way to Setup iCloud and Also know How to access iCloud Backup

Back up of the data is quite essential and to store the same in iPhone or Mac consumes more space, so to prevent such situation,Apple provided the iCloud feature, which offers the cloud computing storage space to the Apple users.To access the same, users need an iCloud account.

However,if you have an iCloud account, then it does not mean that your data are backed up.You need to go through the iCloud Setup process.The process is easy and for your solace,useful steps are listed beneath.

iCloud Setup | iPhone

  •  Move to the Setting section of your iPhone.

  •  Under the same, you will get multiple applications,select iCloud.

  •  Now sign-in with your Apple username and password.

  • Thereafter, iCloud will show the list of applications installed on your iPhone.Select the application by tapping on the radio button in ON mode.

  •  Now tap on Storage & Backup, located at the bottom of the page.

  •  Hence,Setup of iCloud on iPhone is completed.

Apple provides 5GB of free space storage, so users can store the data up to this limit. If the limit exceeds, then users have few options, either they can delete some files or can purchase the plan to increase the storage space.

iCloud Backup | Effective Approach

However, if you want to take the backup of particular features, then you just need to turn ON the iCloud Backup features. The process is simple and for your solace, useful steps have been provided below.

  • Launch Settings from your iPhone and then move to the iCloud section.
  • iCloud Page will appear and it will show the features, such as Mail, Contacts, Reminders, Notes and considerably more.
  • In each application, you will find the radio button; just toggle the radio button in ON mode so as to enable the backup feature.

Quick Assistance

However, if you need any other information or want to fix the iCloud issues, then contact iCloud Customer Service. The team will provide the complete information against the query and will solve the issues within a short span of time. They work around the clock, so you can get their assistance anytime.


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