How To Setup and use iCloud on Windows ?

iCloud-Setup And Use It On Windows

At times when you are not ready to use your Mac for a PC, you are not required to leave because Apple made an app for its users to use iCloud drive and do synchronisation of important photos and bookmarks with the help of any PC currently accessed by users.

In Windows,iCloud utility helps PC users to be with Apple's cloud service, so that the cloud files are still can be used on new computer.With the help of this technique,user can set up folders to upload and download images by using iPhone.You will have consistent set of bookmarks which synchronise between Mobile Safari and the Windows browser that is used by you currently.

Issues that can be fixed by iCloud Customer Service Team:

Why the login password of iCloud is not working?

How iCloud photos can be configured on windows?

How can I connect to iCloud?

How iCloud password can be changed securely?

How iCloud account can be removed?

Number of issues has been listed here,individual may need solution to any of them.It is required for the user to connect with customer support team at that point of time.To be in contact of customer service team,there is need to use helpline number.After using it,you will get the chance to talk to live technicians.These tech experts are really smart and knows what would be the best action to adopt.Technical team can be contacted anytime when you need them.

There are number of issues that has been fixed by customer support team.Here,individual can see resolution to one:

What is iCloud Setup on Windows ?

  1. It is first required to go to “iCloud for windows page”and tap “Download”.
  2. User should now open icloudsetup.exe.
  3. Individual should now accept the terms of the license agreement.
  4. Tap the option of “Install” now.
  5. Choose the option of “Finish”.
  6. Select “Yes” to restart.
  7. There is now need to enter Apple email address and password.
  8. Tap “Sign In” and decide whether you want to share usage information with Apple.


There is now need to look that whether problem has been solved or not.

People are there who might not be satisfied by the solution of the above discussed problem,they should reach tech experts as soon as possible.To be in contact of expert team,it is required for you to dial iCloud Customer service Number.Technical experts will guide throughout until you will be satisfied with the answers.If you will take assistance from live experts,you will be charged with certain fee that is too low to pay by anyone.It also happens that user will not be satisfied with answers of technicians,they are not liable to pay any fee.


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