How To Troubleshoot Apple Mail Not Working Issues?

Quick step to Troubleshoot the Apple Mail Not Working Issues

Technology has always been evolving and give new dimension to create a new grounds for innovation. The innovation especially in technology and mobile in 21st century has led to further interaction and development of new human experience.One such company that is pioneer in the development of bringing innovation to the world is '' Apple ''.Apple has been one of the driving force of that digital revolution and has almost created the milestone in their industry. Apple Customer Support is known for its customer services and resolving all the queries of their customer.

Apple is one of the major computer and smartphone as well as various electronic device making companies in the world as well as top name in tech industry. It's known for the quality of its product which has a unique design, cool features and amazing interface. But sometimes new user do face technical difficulties regarding mailing services , one of them is regarding Apple Mail Not Receiving .

Some of the common procedures to fix the troubleshooting of the mail whether either receiving or sending:

  1.  Check your web connection : First of all to troubleshooting of your email make sure that your web connection or data packet is on. Open your safari to check whether you are able to load a website or not. In case, if your device is connected to another router then check your connection is not down as well as check your line's status with the ISP as power cycle of your router.    
  2. Check your account details :first of open your mail and click on the preferences and click on Accounts. Check carefully through all account details whether the email address, incoming serving details as well as outgoing server details are correct.Turn on the SSL in case if it is off as well as define the specific port number in the advanced tab.In case if you have any problem regarding Apple Mail Not Sending    
  3. Check the recipient address : Make sure you have rightly mention your email address it may be the one of the most common issue.Check the address by retyping if it is necessary as well as also check for the attachment if it is within the prescribed limit. Some allows to limit the attachment files to a certain limit.    
  4. Check SMTP settings : If one finds regarding mail errors out and SMTP settings to do with the server that's used to send email .Some ISP will allow to user their SMTP server if you are logged into your broadband at home.
  5. Check your server's not blacklisted :
  6. Then check whether your server is blacklisted or spam trapped by other ISP,enterprise servers or a user's own spam settings.If you are finding an email is arriving with some people but stubbornly refusing to arrive with a specific contact,politely ask them to check their spam folder or corporate spam filter if they work on a machine at a company's premise.    

If even after following these procedures, One could not able to fix the issue then one can call at Apple toll free Number.Their technical team will make sure that your issue gets resolved as soon as possible.

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