How Efficiently You Can Use Apple Pay Cash

As we know that Apple Pay Cash is not as same like Google Wallet or peer-to-peer payment services,it helps you to obtain number of benefits.It has been providing in your messaging client, that is why it is too simple to use it because there is no need to do the installation from any third-party apps.This is quite incredible and has fast speed.As same like competitors,Apple Pay Cash provides better access to any payments that received through the app.The payments will now added to the balance on your Apple Pay Cash account and easily helpful in doing payments to friends or anywhere you want.

What are the requirements to Use Apple Pay Cash?

  1. When you wants to use Apple Pay, you can easily use Apple Pay Cash without any trouble.You just need to fulfill certain requirements to start using it.
  2. It is required for you to be at least of 18 years old and should live in United States.
  3. It is mandatory to have authorised debit or credit card in your Wallet app. When you want help adding a card,Apple Pay tutorial can give the guidance.
  4. There is need to ensure that you using the same Apple ID for both iMessage and iCloud, two-factor authentication needs to be set up.
  5. It is also required to verify your identity.
  6. There is even need to see that whether you are using compatible device or not.

There are number of Issues that can be fixed.Here,you may see resolution to one that has been suggested by Apple Technical Support.

How to Use Apple Cash?

  1. There is first need to open “Messages app”.
  2. You need to select the recipient.
  3. However, you have option to use message thread if you’ve recently messaged the person, or simply you may click New Message icon on the top right corner.
  4. Select the “App Store” icon which is next to the text field.
  5. Click the option of “Apple Pay Cash” icon from the app drawer.
  6. By using app window,there is need to enter appropriate dollar amount using the + and – icons, you can simply swipe up to reveal the keypad.
  7. Click the option to Request or Send.
  8. When you are sending money, it is required for you authenticate with Touch ID, or your passcode.
  9. Just before any transaction will be initiated, you need to see the request appear in the message window.
  10. In case, you want to attach a message to the transaction, you are required to enter it before tapping the black Send icon.
  11. Individual should now see that whether problem has been resolved or not.


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