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Gmail is one of the famous email services used by the billions of users all over the world. One can easily access the Gmail account on various devices to send and receive emails. Gmail is best known for its quality and error-free services. But sometimes users confront numerous problems when they forgot their Gmail account password.

Did you forget your Gmail account password? And doesn’t know about the password recovery process? Then don’t be tensed. There are multiple ways to recover a Gmail account password in a very simple manner. Read this article very carefully and learn about the reliable methods to recover your Gmail account password.

How to reset Gmail password with https://recover Gmail password?

If you want to change the password of your Gmail account, then you can without much stretch do that with your current password. To do that, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, go to the official Gmail sign in page and then click on gear icon available on the top-right side.
  • Choose the Settings from scroll-down.
  • Now click on the Account Info section and then select Security Settings.
  • Enter your alternate email ID to obtain the security code and then you will receive a security code to your provided option.
  • Enter the received code and then click on Change Gmail password.
  • After that, enter a new password for your Gmail account and then re-enter it to confirm.

How do I recover Gmail password?

Have you forgotten your Gmail account password? Then you have needed to recover as soon as to prevent against any hacking activity. To recover your Gmail password, follow the below steps:

  • Open a web browser in your computer or phone and then go to which will redirect you to the password recovery page of Gmail.
  • Click on I don’t know my password.
  • Enter your Gmail address that password you want to recover and then click on Next.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your last remember password and you can skip this option by clicking on Try another way.
  • After that, you can choose a password recovery method via phone number and then you will get a verification code to your registered phone number.
  • Now enter the code that you have received and then click on Continue.
  • After that, enter a new password for your Gmail account and then also re-enter it to complete the procedure.


Goggle Account Recovery On MAC and Android 
It is not something new that some of you have to end up losing your Gmail account. We all have multiple accounts on various online platforms that losing some of them and that is absolutely fine. All the major platforms and email service providers these days provides you with various ways using which you can recover your lost account and set a new password. If you are a user of Mac then you must be aware that almost all the apps and software functions quite differently.
There is a certain difference that you can find when you are trying to change the password on Mac and on your android device. If you are someone who is looking for a way to recover their Gmail, then you are at the place. 
Recovery Steps for Mac Users 
If you are wondering “How to Recover Google Account on Mac?” then all you need is to follow some of the basic steps. Before going any further remember that in case you face some sort of difficulty in recovering the account, then you can feel free to contact the customer care representative. They will make sure that all your problems are solved in the shortest of time and the live person will also take yours through the procedure steps wise step. Following are the steps – 
1) You need to begin with logging in with your Mac account in the Mac system. 
2) Then you need to go to the application finder option and from there to the keychain access file. 
3) Then click on the login option of your Google account and enter your email address. 
4) Click on the forgot option and you will proceed to the recovery page. 
5) You can either enter your email or phone number to receive the verification code. 
6) Then enter the code in the space provided on the recovery page. 
7) Once you are done with this you will get a pop-up box that will allow you to set a new password. 
8) Make sure that the password you are entering contains both letters and alphabets. 
Recovery Steps For Android Users 
If you are a user of android and you are willing to know “How to Recover Google Account on Android?” then here are the quick and easy steps – 
1) You need to begin with opening the setting of your mobile phone. 
2) then go down and click on the option that says Google. 
3) In the next screen you need to select the option of manage Goggle accounts. 
4) Then you need to click on the option of security and then on password. 
5) You will find the option of Forgot password. 
6) Click on it and in the next screen you enter the email address of the account you are trying to access. 
7) Then you have to enter a phone number or an alternative email account on the recovery page to get the verification code. 
8) You can also opt for the option recovery via security question. 
9) Once you enter the code you will get the pop-up box where you need the new password. 
10) Then finally click on save changed and you are all done.
If you are facing sort of issue check for another problem such as internet connection, Google server, usage of an outdated version, and as. If nothing works then you can always feel free to contact the Goggle customer care support. 

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