Roku is an innovative streaming player that connects TV, it offers an extensive support page to set up if you come across problems.

Many of the users reported a Roku error code 005 means there is an issue of network connectivity, or it will also occur when the user tries to upgrade new software within the Roku system.

This error occurs only when there’s a lack of flexibility in the system. Here find a complete solution to fix this Roku error code 005.

Stick with the steps to fix Roku Error code 005.


These are the simple, quick approach that one can easily learn How to fix this issue of Roku error code 005.

At the beginning of the process, reset the Roku device to its factory default.
Now connect Roku device to Wi-Fi via cables or cable less network.
Start the activation process.
You should wait till the software gets an update.
After completing, now remove the Ethernet cable and link it with Wi-Fi.
The device gets activated.
Now unplug the router to stop the power supply.
Wait for at least 5 minutes and connect it again to the power source.
Attach some other device to check whether the Internet is working properly.
Now attach the device to the wireless network and check whether it is working fine or not.
if it is working fine that means the steps you followed are carefully performed.
At the end, you have completed all the steps to fix Roku error code 005.
Click finish at the end.


Get in touch with the customer support team of Roku.


This is one of the most suitable approaches to speak to a live representative of Roku. so follow all these points carefully.

First, move to the support page, and now select an issue from the bar.
Click on the “Contact Support”.
Select the option of online chatting, or sending an email.
Else call to the customer support of Roku.
Following the above, now click on the “Live text chat” and Enter the details of your name, email, and contact number, and draft a message of your concern.
Click on “Start Chatting”.
Now you completed all the steps to speak to a representative of Roku.
click finish and Done.

Thus, all the points mentioned above is based on How to fix Roku error code 005, if required you can call directly on their support number to get immediate feedback or assistance.

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