Solution For iTunes not working on windows 7

Quick and easy way to fix iTunes not working issues on windows 7

Technology drives innovation in all fields and creates better experience. In the pre 20th century we have listen to the traditional music but over the course of time rapid digitization has created a new level of experience especially with various level inventions of tech related devices.In the post 21st century especially with the invention of smart phones, music is in pocket of every individual through various gadgets.One such name company which has done a remarkable work in this technological innovation field is “Apple '' through Itunes .Itunes customer support help user to resolve any queries.

Get technical support help in order to restore it  

ITunes is one such innovation which is provided by the Apple on its all device whether Ipad, IPod or I phones.Basically it’s application software which allow user to play both audio as well as video files.Anyone can store, play as well as share and purchase and download the songs or video from their store. Itunes is the most prefer medium to listen to any kind of music that’s due to sheer quality of music customer get through their unique application software. It’s one of the main reason behind the success of Apple iphones, Ipad and Ipod .It’s still being rated as top application player .Despite being inbuilt with such great features and one of the first customer choice, User do faces problems sometimes. One of them is Itunes not working on windows 7.One can take the help of technical support or follow some of these common procedures to fix the issue:

  1.   First of all, end all itunes related processes in windows Task manager and reopen iTunes .
  2.   Then Restart windows based Pc or Laptop and then open itunes at several minutes, once all programs are loaded .
  3.   Again, Open iTunes by right clicking ( not double clicking ) the icon and Run as administrator .
  4.   Open iTunes in safe mode by pressing ctrl shift, or with antivirus software, firewall as well as Internet disable .
  5.   Again empty itunes library files by deleting or moving to some other path or destination .
  6.   Then uninstall or update it by going to start, then clicking on control panel and further on Programs and features then right click to choose “ Repair ‘’ .
  7.   Remove itunes and all of its residual components and then do a clean reinstallation .
  8.   Do the system restore .

Even after following these procedures one could not able , if you could not able to reinstall then one can Call to  iTunes Customer Service Phone Number which you will find by visiting their website and clicking on the support and then on Contact. Apple has some well trained expert technician and their 24*7 customer support team will make sure that your problem is solved on immediate basis.

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